A Weekend at Big Bear Lake

Photo Jul 30, 12 27 13 PM
View of Big Bear Lake from the Cougar Crest Trailhead

A few weeks ago, my good friend and I made a trip to Big Bear Lake on the mountains of Southern California. It was only an hour or so away so it naturally lent itself to a sweet mini 2 day trip (:

Photo Jul 31, 7 43 44 PM (1)
Me on the trail, photo credits to my friend

We hiked 2 trails at Big Bear, one was roughly a mile long (a great warm-up) and the 2nd trail (Cougar Crest Trailhead) was about 4.5 miles. The great joy of hiking is not only to be able to see the breath-taking views (which is certainly rewarding) but also just being immersed in nature:

Away from the daily commotions of life, surrounded by nature’s music, sweet silence, stillness. As if a small crack in the woods could be heard miles away. Waves of comfort and awareness. Simply being.

Photo Jul 30, 5 31 33 PM
Lakeside view
Photo Jul 30, 5 31 44 PM
Under the sun

Afternoon was spent by the lake. The water was cold so I had to slowly inch my way in. A swim in the lake had its own flavor. Bathing suits gets covered in algae, the water isn’t so salty, and you get a fair share of bruises if you don’t watch out for the big rocks beneath.

Photo Jul 31, 3 07 47 PM
Winding roads, my favorite

I wish I took some photos of the cute little village at Big Bear (didn’t feel like picking up my phone the whole trip). It had its own sweet vibrations. Along with the cozy vintage book-scented shops with everything Big Bear and the classic fancy sweet shops, there was a sense of home and friendliness I haven’t experienced in other lake villages before.

After 10pm, time was lost, the village turned into a little ghost town with a few dimly lit but warm bars that transported you to a night of experiences only those present could witness. Good times.

Much thanks to my friend who made a large part of it happen (:

We’ll meet again Big Bear.



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