A New Food Perspective 

We often see foods as they are labeled. An apple is an apple: sometimes sweet, sometimes sour; green, yellow or red. But what’s in an apple?

An average apple consists mainly of:


FullSizeRender (12)

Our body recognizes nutrients. Instead of seeing foods as what they are labeled. We could try seeing them as a bundle of nutrients with one or two distinct key ones that we remember the food for.

When I think apple, I think high in fiber and vitamin C.

We can even categorize foods into basic nutritional categories in our minds so when we chose foods to eat, we are more clear as to what we are eating.

When I see a mango, I see Vitamin C (has 203% daily value)

We aren’t necessarily judging what foods contain. We are simply being more aware of what they are which can perhaps help us make better food choices.

Just food for thought.

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