On The Road: A Commuter’s Favorite Podcasts

  Every weekday I make an hour commute to and from work. Along with music, I listen to podcasts using the Apple podcast app. They are free and there are hundreds of channels you can chose to subscribe to. There is literally a channel for any topic of your interest. Yesterday on my way back… Continue reading On The Road: A Commuter’s Favorite Podcasts

July Reads for the Hungry Mind + Soul

Lately I have been searching for paths toward self-improvement, whether it be in health or finances, I feel an urge to up my game. When it comes to self-improvement, I like to go to books for guidance. Unlike what all the self-help books claimed in the late 20th century, we know there isn’t a book that… Continue reading July Reads for the Hungry Mind + Soul

Eureka! 5 Quotes to Inspiration

Lately I have been working on self-improvement. In the process I have been stumbling upon some really mind engaging quotes. I decided to start a new journal where I write down quotes that I aspire to or want to live by. I read them once everyday. Hopefully by doing this I will start thinking a… Continue reading Eureka! 5 Quotes to Inspiration

Going Bananas: Stress & 4 Preventative Measures

  It's okay to stress and worry. But sometimes it gets the better of us... and we go bananas. When we stress, we seek remedies or techniques to lower our worries and anxieties. Although good, I believe the best way to handle stress is to mentally and physically create an environment that prepares us for those times.… Continue reading Going Bananas: Stress & 4 Preventative Measures

Everyday Work & School Essentials

As summer is winding down, I have been spending more time preparing for the school year. Although I'm very excited, I am also quite nervous because my plate is full (work, classes, clubs, etc..). But I am not phased and nonetheless eager to get the school year started. Organization is one of the keys to a successful year. One habit that keeps… Continue reading Everyday Work & School Essentials

Bittersweet Poetry

Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur is prose about love, femininity, pain, anger, loss, forgiveness, embracing, and empowering. It is both soft and hard. The first time I read the poetry, I cried the whole way through, from the hurting to the healing. When I got to the last page, I kissed the book with my tear stained… Continue reading Bittersweet Poetry

A New Food Perspective 

We often see foods as they are labeled. An apple is an apple: sometimes sweet, sometimes sour; green, yellow or red. But what's in an apple? An average apple consists mainly of:   Our body recognizes nutrients. Instead of seeing foods as what they are labeled. We could try seeing them as a bundle of… Continue reading A New Food Perspective